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APP OF THE WEEK: Top 10 Apps of 2016 That We Featured!

App of the week

This has been a good year, no doubt. In the tech space, we have seen a lot of unexpected things, from 3.5mm jacks being cut off to exploding phones. The app space hasn’t been left behind either, and since we begun this series, we have seen amazing apps, super useful apps that we wished existed ages ago and even those apps that are just for the chosen few. In this post, as we conclude the year 2016, I will list ten apps that I believe all of you should have on your phones. These will be apps that we have previously featured, so they won’t entirely be a new concept. Also, they are not in any particular order.

  • Safaricom M-Ledger – This app, made by Safaricom, will automatically backup all your mpesa transactions to the cloud, making it easy for you to access your mpesa history even when you change phones. It has other tricks up its sleeves, including checking transaction charges before you pay a bill, send or withdraw money. (Android only)
  • Quick PDF Scanner – One very useful app. This app lets you scan documents using your phone and saves them as PDF. The outcome is so good, I have used this app so many times to send official documents. (Android only)
  • Parallel Space – This app will clone any app on your phone to let you run two seperate accounts on any app. Especially useful for those who have always wanted to have two seperate accounts on WhatsApp and/or Telegram. (Android only)
  • Google Photos – Arguably the most outstanding app on this list, if you haven’t used this app yet, you are missing out, big. Google Photos will backup all your photos and videos, in full resolution, for free. No space limitations, no ads. This means that you can access all your photos across multiple devices, and even when you change your device, you are assured that all your memories are intact. (Android and iOS)
  • PhotoScan – A fairly new app, built by the same team as Google Photos and they work seamlessly together. PhotoScan will scan your printed photos and save them on your device in high quality format. This app works as advertised and you should use it to digitalize all those throwback photos. (Android and iOS)
  • TumaPesa – Another mpesa focused app, that lets you copy the number of the person you want to send money to and easily paste it in the mpesa menu. This app, coupled up with the new mpesa hakikisha service, make sending money risk-free. Also works with Airtel Money and Orange Money. (Android only)
  • Duo – Video calling has been integrated into almost all social apps but Google Duo is by far the best and simplest app we have seen. All it does, is video calling and the quality and data usage is very very impressive. You should try this one out to keep in touch with your relatives this holiday season. (Android and iOS)
  • Kenya Power Utilities – A must have app for all Kenyans connected to the national grid. Through this app, you can easily check power outages schedule, faults and access Kenya Power emergency contacts. (Android only)
  • Stop Swipin – A simple app to keep snoopers at bay. We have all wanted to show someone a photo but feared they might be tempted to swipe right/left to see more photos (probably those they shouldn’t), with this app, you can select which images you want to show someone and thos are the only photos they will see on your phone. (Android only)
  • Glance Plus – An app that will simply let you have a glance at your notifications without turning on your display. Works like the hyped, always-on displays on Samsung and LG flagships. It shows you, the time and any notifications you might have. (Android only)

That’s my list, I tried as much to pick the most useful and most interesting ones but in case you want to have a look at all the apps we have features this year, click here. Feel free to comment and ask questions about any of these apps, and don’t forget to share!

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