October 16, 2018



Instagram Is Now Enabling Notifications to Those Using Google Chrome

Instagram is currently enabling browser notifications for those who prefer to use its service on a browser and not through its official apps. Yes, there are people who use the...

Android oreo go spark 2

Android Oreo’s Market Share is Still Below 15% One Year After Its Official Release

Android Oreo was officially released in August 2017, a little over a year ago, but its market share is still below 15%. This is not surprising at all as we are used to seeing low...


You Will Soon Be Able to Tag People in Your Instagram Videos

Instagram is currently testing a new feature that will let users tag other users on their videos. You can do so with photos at the moment but cannot do so with videos unless you...

Infinix Note 5 Performance

Epic Games: Fortnite Has Been Installed By 15 Million Android Users So Far

Fortnite is one of the most popular games right now. This game was just introduced to Android users by its maker, Epic Games, a couple of weeks back. So far, Fortnite has been...

Jumia food

Jumia Food Now Lets Customers Pre-Pay for Their Deliveries

Jumia Food customers can now pre-pay for their food deliveries, as the online food delivering company commences online pre-payment options (credit cards and mobile payments) in...

SONGA by safaricom

Songa By Safaricom Daily Subscription Fee Is Now Five Shillings, Down from Ksh 25

Songa by Safaricom is a music streaming service that has been available in kenya for a few months now. The streaming service has a significant selection of Kenyan and African...

Kaizala pro

Microsoft Launches ‘Kaizala Pro’ In Kenya

Microsoft’s latest mobile offering, Kaizala Pro, is now commercially available across Kenya. Microsoft Kaizala is a mobile app that improves the way businesses communicate and...

Twitter Lite Kenya

Twitter Lite is Finally Available to Users in Kenya

Over the last couple of years, we have seen some of the top developers release ‘Lite’ versions of their Android applications for those who may want to use their platforms but...