December 10, 2018


whatsapp for ios

WhatsApp Will Soon Roll Out A New Contact Ranking System

You probably have a list of people you are in constant communication with. Even if that is not the case, there are people you regularly talk to compared to others in your contact...

mKey App

Comparing mKey With Other Financial Services Apps Available in Kenya

There are quite a number of fintech apps you can download and use in Kenya at the moment. You may have heard of mKey, CBA Loop, HF Whizz, Brunch Tala etc. These applications offer...


WhatsApp Will Soon Have Vacation and Silent Modes

WhatsApp has been making some key changes to its platform this year. Its platform is the most popular messaging platform but the company is not just going to sit on that. WhatsApp...

Infinix Note 5 Performance

You Can Now Download Fortnite on Your Android Phone Even Without an Invitation

Fortnite is one of the most popular games out there. The game has been available on PC for a long time but only made its way to Android devices recently with the launch of the...

mKey app

How to Get A Loan Through the mKey App

It is almost the middle of the month and you may be running out of money or just need a few extra shillings to complete the project you had started. We all get to a point where we...


Instagram’s Nametag Is an Easy Way To Find People On The App

Last week, Instagram added the Nametag feature that should make it easy for you to find people using the app. The official Instagram app can generate a unique nametag for every...


Instagram Is Now Enabling Notifications to Those Using Google Chrome

Instagram is currently enabling browser notifications for those who prefer to use its service on a browser and not through its official apps. Yes, there are people who use the...

Android oreo go spark 2

Android Oreo’s Market Share is Still Below 15% One Year After Its Official Release

Android Oreo was officially released in August 2017, a little over a year ago, but its market share is still below 15%. This is not surprising at all as we are used to seeing low...