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APP OF THE WEEK: PhotoScan – Turn Your Printed Photos Into Digital Ones

PhotoScan is a new app that has been released by Google, actually, by the same team that built the much loved Google Photos. PhotoScan lets you scan your old or even recent printed photos into digital ones that you can easily share on social media or store safely online. PhotoScan itself is fairly simple to use, once you launch the application, you go directly to an interface that lets you scan the printed photo. First, you have to position the printed photo within a frame on, which you will see on your phone’s screen. Once you have done this well, four cirlces will appear on the frame and all you have to do is to move your phone from one circle to the other until you are completely done scanning all the four circles.


PhotoScan is really really useful, especially to this generation who like posting old images of themselves on Thursday’s and refrencing it as “#TBT”. With PhotoScan, you can now post better looking images and not a photo of a photo. Best part? The app is completely free and it does not even require you to log in. So as you think of which childhood picture you want to share with the world this coming Thursday, just remember, you can actually scan those old photos and have digital copies. You’re welcome!

PhotoScan is available on both Android and iOS, so no one is left out (apart from the Windows guys). Below, is a video that can better demonstrate how PhotoScan works since I know I might have lost some people with all that “cirlce” talk.

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEyDt0DNjWU” width=”560" height=”315"]

Download PhotoScan on Android

Download PhotoScan on iOS

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