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Twitter Wants to Make it Easier for You to Control Who Can Reply to Your Tweets

Twitter can be a wild jungle for some people with the high number of toxic replies and abuse. Twitter has always said it is against abuse but this has not stopped abusive people from getting…

The LG G3 Is Official- Features A 5.5-Inch Screen And A 13MP Camera

LG’s flagship Smartphone for 2014 has finally unveiled. Dubbed the LG G3, this successor to the G2 has been the source of many rumours for the last couple of days with the highlight being the…

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Making it: ”Your Customers Will Only Stay with you if you remain relevant

By Eiji Ota It’s no longer enough to just print and sell a product. In the competitive, modern print landscape, print service providers (PSPs) need to be more consultative, thinking about how they can provide…

Protecting yourself from online scams in the age of digital finance

The financial sector has in the last decade undergone a full scale digital transformation that has changed how users send and receive money. Sending money across borders is today as simple as sending a text…

How Tech Solutions Can Help Businesses Improve Their HR Departments

The role technology plays in the workplace has changed significantly from its first use nearly a century ago in the early 20th century, and now tech companies have evolved from simply being support staff to…

How They Compare: Galaxy Z Fold 4, Xiaomi Mix Fold 2, and Huawei Mate Xs 2

Foldable phones are the trend that some believe are the future of the industry. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 in this case is the most polished and well-rounded foldable phone around at the moment…

Innovation in Government is Key to Developing Thriving Digital Economies of The Future

By Habib Mahakian, Vice President – Emerging Africa, Dell Technologies Our world needs technology now more than ever. The future of the economy and our communities depends on the ability of government, business, and stakeholders…

Driving Africa's Payments Transformation Through Partnerships

Payments have traditionally been a challenge for African businesses and their banks. Businesses must work with a huge number of partners, for instance, to handle the many forms of payments that customers use, as each…

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