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The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Specifications and Price in Kenya

Earlier today, Xiaomi officially announced the availability of the Redmi Note 8 in Kenya. This is the latest from the company to officially go in sale in Kenya and you can get it from Jumia…

Busy Time of Year for Parents? No worries- Kids Story Builder app is here!

We know it’s a busy time of year for many parents with school back in full swing and holidays fast approaching. It can be difficult to not only find ways to keep your children entertained,…

Prisma For iOS gets Video Support Feature

Prisma is one app that took 2016 by storm. The app uses complicated Artificial Intelligence (AI) to turn your mundane everyday photos into beautiful works of art. This is not just another photo editing app…

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The risks of using public Wi-Fi in Kenya and how to safely use it

With the increasing use of mobile devices, laptops, and tablets, public Wi-Fi networks have become an essential part of our daily lives. They provide us with the convenience of being able to connect to the…

Cybersecurity in Africa: Why Many Are Still Unaware of the Risk

The digital age has brought about numerous solutions and services that make life easier, but it has also opened up the world to attacks and threats that compromise organizations and individuals. Cybersecurity has become critical…

The Imperative for Digital Development and Public-Private Partnerships in Least Developed Countries

As the world looks to accelerate sustainable development in the least developed countries (LDCs), leaders from around the world, civil society, and the private sector will convene in Doha, Qatar on March 5th to discuss…

Understanding Cloud Security: Types, Best Practices, and Benefits

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses and individuals manage data and software. Instead of relying on on-premises hardware and software, cloud computing provides access to shared resources, services, and applications via the internet. However,…
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The Importance of Digital Privacy: How to Protect Your Personal Information Online

In today’s digital age, we rely heavily on technology for almost everything we do. From shopping to communication, socializing, and entertainment, we leave behind a digital footprint everywhere we go. However, with all this convenience…

Navigating the Cyber Landscape: Why Understanding the Latest Threats is Critical

Cybersecurity and digital privacy are becoming increasingly important in today’s digital age. With more and more personal and sensitive information being shared online, it’s vital that individuals take steps to protect themselves and their information…

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