March 26, 2017

Saruni Maina

App of the week

APP OF THE WEEK: Top 10 Apps of 2016 That We Featured!

This has been a good year, no doubt. In the tech space, we have seen a lot of unexpected things, from 3.5mm jacks being cut off to exploding phones. The app space hasn’t...


APP OF THE WEEK: PhotoScan – Turn Your Printed Photos Into Digital Ones

PhotoScan is a new app that has been released by Google, actually, by the same team that built the much loved Google Photos. PhotoScan lets you scan your old or even recent...


APP OF THE WEEK: Bonga – Your Personal Safety App

Today’s app is one that is developed locally and one that I have known about for quite some time now. Bonga is an app that is focused on personal safety. Developed with the...


APP OF THE WEEK: Expeditions – Virtual World Trips

The holidays are almost here and you might have already started for those trips to the luxurious destinations or just to visit the grand parents, whichever your case, I bet you...


APP OF THE WEEK: Dumpster – Recycle Bin For Android

If you have ever accidentally or even intentionally deleted something from your phone and then moments after wished that you hadn’t, this app is for you! Dumpster is an...


Tecno Phantom 6 Review – They ALMOST Did It!

It’s been really really long but here it is, our review of the Phantom 6! Some of you probably already have the device, some are still thinking whether to buy it or not. So...


APP OF THE WEEK: Glance Plus – Always-On Display For Everyone

You have probably seen the always-on display feature of Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, LG V10 and V20. Well, this week’s app, Glance Plus will let your phone join the cool kids...


APP OF THE WEEK: DeskDock – Use Your Physical Mouse On Your Phone

Today’s app is amazing! Ok, Just kidding, it’s just amazing to geeks like me and super useless to everyone else. Wait, don’t leave yet, you don’t have to...


APP OF THE WEEK: LinkedIn Learning – Learn Various Skills On The Go

Today’s app is all about learning and improving our skills. I present to you LinkedIn Learning, an app that will help you sharpen your skills and learn something new without...


APP OF THE WEEK: Muviz – Music Visualization On Your Nav Bar

It’s another week and we have another app to introduce you too. Muviz is a nifty app that visualizes your music on your navigation bar. I hope I didn’t lose any of you...

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