APP OF THE WEEK: Expeditions – Virtual World Trips

The holidays are almost here and you might have already started for those trips to the luxurious destinations or just to visit the grand parents, whichever your case, I bet you you will be interested in this app.

Well, this week’s app, Expedition is an app built by Google, that wants to help you take those world trips without ever leaving your house or room. How you ask? Well, it is a Virtual Reality app that lets you take the virtual trips across the world in small groups. You even have a tour guide to guide you through your expedition and the locations are numerous including famous landmarks and even deap sea diving. Wait, there are also out of space trips, so yeah, you can go all out with this app.


If you are into VR, this is a great way to enhance your experience. If you would like to take an awesome trip without spemding much, well apart from buying a VR kit, you should definetely try Expeditions app. In case you are wondering, Expedition is available on both Android and iOS, so hurray to our iOS fellas! The best part is, the app is completely free.

Download Expedition on Android

Download Expedition on iOS

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