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APP OF THE WEEK: Bonga – Your Personal Safety App

Today’s app is one that is developed locally and one that I have known about for quite some time now. Bonga is an app that is focused on personal safety. Developed with the teen user in mind, Bonga is beautifully designed and easy to use. So what exactly does Bonga app do? Bonga helps you quickly send out an SOS message to your close circle of friends in the case that you are lost or you are feel unsafe with your environment, this message is sent out with your location information so it is important to have your phone’s location settings turned on. You can also use the app to access information on sexual health, get emergency contacts and even get help on Gender Based Violence through the app.


Once you open the app, it is important that you first save the numbers of your closest friends and family members in your safety circle. These are the poeple who will receive the distress message which can be sent through the app. Other interesting features of Bonga app include:

  1. You can send out a please call me message in the case that you are on a date and feel like it’s getting uncomfortable.
  2. You can also learn some karate-like skills from within the app to enable you fight off violent attackers.

Bonga app is a well thought-out application with a good use case. I would recommend this app to anyone and not just the ladies. Unfortumately, Bonga app is only available on android, I hope the developers, Chowder’s Loft, will be releasing an iOS app soon.

Download Bonga App

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