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Netflix Kenya Packages and Price in 2023

Netflix Kenya Packages

Netflix is the most popular video streaming service out there. It was one of the pioneers of the streaming business and has reaped big with the expansion of the industry. Netflix Kenya packages are evidence of its global expansion and attempts to localize its offerings. I have been using Netflix for a while even though we do have competitors like Showmax. Having options benefits the end users as they do end up choosing a service that suits their needs.

Since the new billing model to support local currency kicked in, Netflix has become cheaper in Kenya. Unlike before, where what you paid depended on the currency exchange rates, Netflix Kenya now has fixed subscription rates. You can now pay for Netflix with Kenya shillings directly and not worry about the fluctuating exchange rate that can lead to confusion.

No Free Version

Netflix also made some key changes and now it will only allow people who live with you to use your account. If they happen to be in a different area with a different IP, they will no longer be able to use your account. Netflix also used to have a free version in Kenya but that is no longer available.

PackagePrice Resolution Concurrent streamsSupported Devices
MobileKsh 200480pOnly 1Smartphone, tablet
BasicKsh 300720p (HD)Only 1TV, Computer, smartphone, tablet
StandardKsh 7001080p (Full HD)Up to 2TV, Computer, smartphone, tablet
PremiumKsh 1,1004K (Ultra HD)Up to 4TV, Computer, smartphone, tablet

Netflix Mobile-Only Package

The Netflix basic plan is the cheapest package by Netflix in Kenya and is only available via a smartphone or tablet. It is perfect for those who have no plans to stream through their TVs. At Ksh 200, this is a reasonable package to start with. I can recommend this package to anyone who is getting into video streaming. You get to learn the ropes and find out if this service suits your needs. Keep in mind this package can only stream at 480p so if you only watch videos at Full HD, this may not be the one for you.

Even though this is the cheapest package, you get access to all of Netflix’s catalogue as long as the content is available inb480p.

Netflix Kenya Basic Package

This used to be the cheapest package available before the mobile-only package came abouit. . It costs Ksh 300 per month. With this package, you can only stream through 1 device at a time. The resolution has been bumped up to 720p making it slightly better than what the mobile package offers. With this package, you can also watch content on any device that supports it from smartphones to smart Tvs. This is quite good and I can recommend it since it is only Ksh 100 more than the cheapest option.

Standard Netflix Package

The standard package goes for Ksh 700 a month. It does offer good value for money in my opinion and is perfect for avid streamers who want good quality video streams at a reasonable price. With this package, you can stream on two different devices at the same time as long as both devices are within your house. One person can be watching a movie while another person is watching their favorite series. Netflix standard package offers streaming at 1080p.

Netflix Premium Package

This is the expensive plan and most suitable for those who want to utilize the 4K display on their smart TV fully. Netflix premium package is costsmKsh 1,100. This is the package I currently have and it allows me to stream on up to 4 different devices at the same time. I find this convenient and the ability to stream content at 4K Ultra HD resolution is just the icing on the cake. You do get access to unlimited TV shows and movies.

Is Netflix still free in Kenya 2023?

No, Netflix removed the free package so it is no longer available. The cheapest package right now is the mobile-only package that costs Ksh 200 per month.

Can I use M-Pesa to pay for Netflix?

Not really but somehow possible. Netflix accepts payment by card so M-pesa isn’t part of that. The workaround is you can use M-Pesa Global pay and create a virtual card which you can use for payments. This works well and should be ideal if you use M-Pesa.

How to you subscribe to Netflix in Kenya?

  • Getting started with Netflix in Kenya is easy. All you have to do is download the app on Android or iOS or visit its website.
  • Choose your subscription package
  • Provide the payment method and card

Update: Netflix no longer offers free trials.

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