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Showmax Kenya Packages and Price and Ways to Pay

Showmax kenya packages

Showmax Kenya has a number of affordable packages that you can get depending on your needs. Showmax has always been innovative with the product it offers in the country, it was the first video on demand service to introduce mobile-only package in Kenya.

From the time Showmax introduced its services in Kenya, the company has focused on African content just to differentiate itself from Netflix which has a ton of global content on its platform.

This post will not list the content you can get on the platform. It will show the Showmax Kenya packages and prices and the payment options you have.

Showmax divides its packages into two main categories, the mobile only package and the ‘every device’ package that you can access to any device from smartphone, smart TV, laptop etc.

Showmax Mobile Only Package

 Showmax MobileShowmax Pro Mobile
Showmax Originals, kids’ shows and more
Live sports from SuperSport
News Channels
Streaming QualitySD qualitySD quality
Streams at the same time1 stream1 stream
Number of registered devices1 device1 device
Watch on Smart TV or computer
Watch on smartphone or tablet
Download shows to watch offline
14-day free trial
Price per monthKsh 300 (sign up)Ksh 1,050 (sign up)

The mobile-only package aside, you can go with the standard package that you can watch on my device

What are the Showmax Packages?

 Showmax Showmax Pro 
Showmax Originals, kids’ shows and more
Live sports from SuperSport
News Channels
Streaming QualityHD qualityHD quality
Streams at the same time2 stream2 stream
Number of registered devices5 device5 device
Watch on Smart TV or computer
Watch on smartphone or tablet
Download shows to watch offline
14-day free trial
Price per monthKsh 760 (sign up)Ksh 2,100 (sign up)

As you can see from the packages above, there are different varieties to help you get what exactly you want and the price you are comfortable paying.

How do I pay for Showmax subscription in Kenya?

As for payment, you can pay for your ShoMax subscription using:

  1. Debit/credit cards
  2. PayPal
  3. Add it to your DStv subscription
  4. Through M-Pesa.

What Sports Channels are on Showmax Pro?

SuperSport is the only sports channel on Showmax Pro. You will be able to stream live sports event through a Showmax Pro subscription. Some of the live action that you can stream include the Premier League, UEFA, La Liga, Serie A, athletics, basketball, boxing, cycling, gymnastics, motorsports, tennis etc.

How much is Showmax per month in Kenya?

In Kenya, Showmax costs differently depending on the package you choose. The rates start from Ksh 300 per month for Showmax Mobile which is the cheapest model to Ksh 2100 for the most expensive package. 

How much are Showmax packages in Kenya?

There are 4 main Showmax packages in Kenya. The cheapest is  Showmax mobile package for Ksh 300. This is followed by Ksh 760 for the standard Showmax package. Next is Ksh 1,050 for Showmax Pro mobile. Lastly Ksh 2,100 for the most expensive Showmax package in Kenya. 

What packages are available on Showmax?

Packages available on Showmax Kenya are:

  • Showmax Mobile – Ksh 300- SD quality streams only available on mobile. Can only be accessed on one device at a time. 
  • Showmax -Ksh 760  Standard Showmax package that can be registered on 5 devices. It supports 2 streams at the same time. Supports HD quality. 
  • Showmax Pro Mobile – Ksh 1,050- Similar to Showmax Mobile but supports live sports and news channels. 
  • Showmax Pro – Ksh 2,100- Similar to standard Showmax but does include live sports and sports streaming. 

How much is Showmax Pro in Kenya?

Showmax Pro in Kenya is available in two options, Showmax Pro Mobile accessible only on mobile devices and Showmax Pro for all streaming devices. For pricing, Showmax Pro Mobile is available for Ksh 760 while Showmax Pro is available for Ksh 2,100 in Kenya. 

How can I watch Showmax in Kenya?

You can download the Showmax app on Android or iOS or even on your Smart TV. Showmax is available on smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.  

Is Netflix better than Showmax?

A number of people have been asking if Netflix is better than Showmax. The answer is,it depends on what exactly you want. Netflix has way more titles compared to Showmax. Showmax has quite a huge catalog of African shows and HBO movies & shows.

What is Showmax 750 package?

The standard Showmax package is Ksh 760 per month. You can register up to 5 devices and have 2 concurrent streams with this package.

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