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Microsoft Revamps Cortana App for iOS to Take on Siri

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Competition in the voice-powered assistants is getting tougher by the day. Just last week, we saw Google Assistant roll out to all Android phones. This was huge as previously the assistant was only available to those who had the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

Google aside, Microsoft also has a voice-powered assistant, Cortana. Cortana is available on all major platforms and its iOS version is getting revamped. Cortana on iOS is not the only assistant on the platform as there is Siri which is well integrated into the operating system given the fact that both are made by the same company, Apple.

With the latest Cortana update, Microsoft hopes that iOS users will find it as an alternative to Siri. The update was released on Friday and features a completely new interface as well as other new features that make it easier for people to use the app. This is exactly what Microsoft hopes will make people ditch Siri for Cortana.

This is the same update we saw on Cortana for Android update that was released back in December. It brings version 2.0 of Cortana for iOS to the App store.

What’s New With Version 2.0 of Cortana for iOS

One of the biggest changes with Cortana for iOS version 2.0 is the change in the app design. It has a new menu with improved responsiveness and faster load speeds. Unlike before, Cortana now starts listening the moment you open it, this allows users to use it as soon as they open it.

Cortana’s homepage now has relevant information such as the news, weather, traffic and nearby locations. Searches performed through Cortana are now displayed on a full page unlike before.

Those who do not want to perform voice commands will still be able to access the menu from the bottom-left section of the screen.

If you are on iOS, head over to the play store and grab the updated app.

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