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The Infinix Zero 4 Vs The Infinix Zero 3: What’s New and Different?

Infinix Zero 3 Vs Zero 4

A few days ago, we reviewed the Infinix Zero 4, the latest smartphone from Infinix to be launched in Kenya. After the review, one question that I got in my email from a few readers is how it compares to the Infinix Zero 3 that was launched last year. Many people wanted a flagship smartphone from the company but did not or could not afford to get the Zero 4. Most of those who asked this question figured that the Infinix Zero 3 might be much cheaper and they can opt for that.


Even though the Infinix Zero 3 and Zero 4 share certain features, they are quite different devices. I have reviewed both devices and I have a pretty good idea and to what each one of them has to offer. This will be the information you need if you are not sure which of the two you should get.

What Was Maintained?

To get started, let’s first look at the similarities between the Infinix Zero 3 and the Zero 4. This is to help you decide the best choice for you.

The Display – Nothing new here

Infinix Zero 3 (left), Infinix zero 4 (right)

Infinix Zero 3 (left), Infinix zero 4 (right)

Both the Infinix Zero 3 and Zero 4 use the same display. This is the 5.5 inch IPS with a Full HD resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels. I personally like this display size, 5.5 inch is the sweet spot for a smartphone screen for most people. It is neither too big nor is it too small to use with one hand. The display on the Infinix Zero 3 was great and there was no need for the company to change it with the Zero 4, if it is not broken, don’t fix it, right?

The one difference between the display of the Zero 3 and that of the Zero 4 is that the latter is covered with 2.5D glass. This gives this display a curved look that makes it look much better than the one on the Infinix Zero. If you read our review of the Infinix Zero 4, then you know that its display is one of the things we liked about it.

Same RAM

Last year, the Infinix Zero 3 came with 3GB of RAM and this was quite impressive back then. With the Zero 4, the company has decided to use the same 3GB of RAM which is not so bad. The Zero 3 handled tasks I threw at it with much ease and so does the Zero 4. 3GB of RAM makes multitasking easy and you are able to open a number of apps without the phone slowing down.

If you want 4GB of RAM, you will have to wait for the Infinix Zero 4 Plus. We had heard rumours that there will be a 6GB model of this phone but it looks like that is not going to happen.

Key Differences

Metallic Vs Plastic Build

The Infinix Zero 4 has a full metal build that gives it a premium look and feel. The Zero 3’s body feels cheap and plastic-like, not very premium. Infinix has really upped its game with the Zero 4 and if you want that device that looks the part, the Zero 4 is definitely the one for you. The amazing thing is that even though it has a full metal build, it does not get as hot, when using/charging it, as the Zero 3 did.

Infinix Zero 3(left), Infinix zero 4 (right)

Infinix Zero 3(left), Infinix zero 4 (right)

Infinix has also changed the design a bit with the Zero 4. The Zero 3 had very sharp edges and had a boxed design, this has all been replaced with a curvy design with smooth edges on the Zero 4. I like the design of the Zero 4 as I feel like it is more modern and premium, the Zero 3 felt a bit dated in my opinion.

Different Processors

The Infinix Zero 4 comes with the Octa-Core MediaTek MT6753 processor whose maximum speed is 1.5GHz. The Zero 3 on the other hand came with the Octa-Core MediaTek MT6795 that clocks at 2.0GHz. The processing power has clearly been downgraded with the Zero 4 but not so much, most people will not even notice the change. Both phones are snappy when it comes to performance and that is what matter.

Infinix Zero 4 (left), Infinix zero 3 (right)

It is not clear why Infinix decided to downgrade the processor but it might be to keep the cost low without affecting performance so much. The MT6753 processor has always been compared to the Snapdragon 615 processor while the MT6795 processor has always been compared to the Snapdragon 810 processor.

Even though the processor has been downgraded, Infinix has increased the storage space, with the Zero 4, it has 32GB of space while the Zero 3 had 16GB of space.

For the Operating system, the Zero 3 came with Android 5.1 Lollipop while the Zero 4 came with Android 6.0 Marshmallow. The Zero 3 was upgraded to Marshmallow but we are still not sure if the Zero 4 will be upgraded anytime soon.

Different Cameras

The Infinix Zero 3 blew our minds thanks to its 20.7MP camera. This camera was made by Sony and its performance was very impressive, something we were not expecting for a smartphone that costs less than Ksh 20,000. This was one of the main selling points of this phone and we expected the company to maintain it with the Zero 4.

Infinix Zero 4 (left), Infinix zero 3 (right)

Infinix Zero 4 (left), Infinix zero 3 (right)

Well, it looks like we were wrong, Infinix decided to go with a 16MP unit on the Zero 4. This might be because the MT6753 processor used on the Zero 4 can only support 16MP camera, nothing above that. If Infinix wanted to include a camera with bigger Megapixels, it would have gone with a different processor. The good thing about this camera is that it supports Optical Image Stabilization, the first smartphone camera from Infinix to do so.

For the selfie camera, Infinix has upgraded that from 5MP on the Zero 3 to 8MP on the Zero 4. Even though Megapixel is not the only thing that determines photo quality, it still is a very important number.

Bigger Battery

When we reviewed the Infinix Zero 3, the one thing we did not like about it is that it had a crappy battery. We had trouble getting it to last us through our word day, it was just not worthy being on a flagship device.

Infinix Zero 4 (left), Infinix zero 3 (right)

Infinix Zero 4 (left), Infinix zero 3 (right)

With the Zero 4, Infinix has upgraded the battery from 3030mAh on the Zero 3 to 3200mAh on the Zero 4. This is a small upgrade but will definitely give users a few extra hours of battery life. Combine this with the low performance of the Zero 4 compared to the Zero 3 and you can easily see it lasting up to 3 to 4 hours longer than the Zero 3.

Price comparison

The Infinix Zero 3 is currently available for Ksh 16,500 while the Zero 4 is available as from Ksh 18,500.


The above discussion highlights the key similarities and differences between the two devices to help you decide with one you will go with. Given the fact their prices are not that different, knowing what each of them offers is important. For me, the Zero 4 is the best option, it just feels premium and that display is just the best I have seen on a smartphone below Ksh 20,000.

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