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APP OF THE WEEK: Tasker – Make Your Phone Do More, Automatically!

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The geeks out there are familiar with an app known as IFTTT, an automation app that makes life a little more pleasant. Well, Tasker is one such app. The concept here is simple, you create a “recipe” for actions based on a particular trigger. For the none tech savvy, all this means is that you can make your phone perform a certain task when a particular trigger occurs. For example, in case of a missed call, you can set your phone to automatically send a message to the caller informing them that you are away from your phone. Another example, you can have your phone change the sound profile to silent whenever you have a meeting. Get me now? This simple tasks are what we are referring to as recipes.
The problem with IFTTT is that for most people it doesn’t work. Or it just takes too long to perform a task. That is why today we are introducing you to Tasker (those who don’t know about it). After downloading the app, you will be required to connect some services such as Google to your Tasker account – the purpose of this is to ensure your recipes work.
Tasker is not the eaisest app to use and I would not just recommend it to anyone.  It requires a quick learner so as to navigate the somewhat difficult UI of the app. But once you get the flow, it will be easy henceforth.



The UI of Tasker is not the most appealing but the app gets the job done. If you have tried IFTTT, this should be smooth waters for you, if you have not yet tried any automation app, then this could open you up to greater possibilities on your android device.
Got an awesome app you’d like featured? Let us know about it.

Download Tasker for Android

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