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BlackBerry Messenger for Android Gets Updated to Allow Free Video Calling Among Other Features

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In a world dominated by WhatsApp, you might be forgiven to think that it is the only messaging app out there. Besides WhatsApp, we have a number of instant messaging apps including Telegram, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), Viber just to name a few. BlackBerry Messenger was at one time one of the popular messaging apps but things have changed and now The platform is nowhere to be seen.

Even though BBM is not widely used as it used to a few years ago, BlackBerry still supports it with new updates from time to time. The latest update from BlackBerry comes to both BBM for Android and its own platform, BlackBerry 10.

According to CrackBerry, the latest BBM update introduces new features such as group chats, ability to share longer videos and ability to make free video calls for Android and iOS users. These features, especially the video-related ones, make BBM very appealing, am even tempted to download it and see what it is all about.

The latest BBM update has just started rolling out to those on Android and BlackBerry 10, those on iOS should be getting a notification of the same in a few days.

Below is a look at the new features you get with the latest BBM update.

For BlackBerry 10

Group chat with up to 250 contacts.

Get photos, lists, and calendar updates displayed on chat (up to 50 contacts)

Ability to retract stickers and files.

For Android

Free video calling

Set the duration for muting notifications.

Sign up for BBM using your phone number.

Share longer videos.

New Discover screen from where you can get stickers and subscriptions.

If you are on Android and BlackBerry 10, grab the updated app to enjoy these features.

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