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Microsoft Confirms That Windows 10 Will Be Launched On July 29th

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If you are like me, you have been waiting for Microsoft to release Windows 10 to the public. Windows 10 is seen as a game changer for Microsoft and it is one of the most awaited Windows versions to date. Windows 10 brings a ton of cool features that most Windows users will find helpful going forward.

Up until today, we did not know when exactly Microsoft planned to release Windows 10 but we knew that the company will do it before the end of the year. Microsoft’s head of operating systems Terry Myerson has finally changed this and given us a precise date as to when we should expect to see Windows 10. He said today that Windows 10 will launch on 29 July 2015.

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Myerson also confirmed that those currently using Windows 7 and 8.1 will qualify for free upgrade to Windows 10 for the first year after release. This is part of Microsoft’s strategy to ensure Windows is available in over 1 billion devices in the next 3 years.

As you probably know by now, this version of Windows 10 to be launched by the end of next month is the desktop version. Windows 10 for phones will be released at a later date.

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Below are a few things you should expect from Windows 10.

  1. Cortana: Microsoft is bringing its personal assistant to everyone on Windows 10. According to Microsoft, Cortana learns your preferences to provide relevant recommendations, fast access to information, and important reminders. Interaction is natural and easy via talking or typing.
  2. Microsoft Edge: This is the new browser for Windows 10. It will replace Internet Explorer as the default browser.
  3. Office on Windows: Windows 10 brings redesigned universal Windows applications for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  4. Xbox Live and the integrated Xbox App: This will bring new gaming experiences to Windows 10.
  5. New Photos, Videos, Music, Maps, People, Mail & Calendar apps have updated designs that look and feel familiar from app to app and device to device.  You can start something on one device and continue it on another since your content is stored on and synched through OneDrive.
  6. Windows Continuum: Allows you to transition smoothly from your tablet into a PC, and back.
  7. Windows Hello: Allows you to log in to your account without a password. You can use biometric (face, iris, fingerprint) authentication.
  8. Windows Store: With Windows 10, you will be able to access desktop app in the Microsoft digital storefront.
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