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Faiba Mobile Data Packages and Rates in 2024

Faiba Mobile

Faiba Mobile went live in Kenya back in 2018 and offers affordable data plans compared to what you get from the other network providers. This product is owned by Jamii Telecom which is a telecommunication service provider offering broadband and mobile services under the “FAIBA” brand. Faiba Mobile is a 4G only network and this means you need a 4G SIM card and have a compatible phone. 

Faiba Mobile has some interesting data packages such as the ‘Fisi Unlimited’ package that costs Ksh 150 and gives you unlimited internet for 3 hours. The name is quite interesting but the unlimited internet you get can be beneficial if you are looking to download or upload some files and do not have any other unlimited data option. 

Below are the Faiba Mobile data packages as of April 2024. I will try my best and update this post in case there are any changes. 

What are the Faiba Mobile Data Packages?

Below are the different bundles you can buy.

225 MBKsh 201 day
1 GBKsh. 501 day
UnlimitedKsh 1503 hours
1 + 1 GBKsh 601 day (Get 1GB Bonus Valid from 11pm to 5am)
5 GBkSH 50Valid from 11pm to 5am
2.5 GBKsh 100Valid for 3 Days
8 GBKsh. 3007 days
15 GBKsh. 50010 days
30 GBKsh. 100030 days
65 GBKsh. 200030 days
100 GBKsh. 300060 days
140 GBKsh. 400060 days
225 GBKsh. 600090 days

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What areas does Faiba 4G+ Cover?

As of now, Faiba Mobile is available throughout Nairobi Metropolis area. The company has plans to expand its services throughout the country.

What do you need to connect to Faiba Mobile?

  • A 4G compatible phone.
  • A Faiba Mobile 4G Simcard.
  • Be within a 4G covered area.

Faiba Mobile APN settings

Data APN settings
NameFaiba mobile
APN type:default
Proxy:Not set
Port:Not set
Username:Not set
Password:Not set
Server:Not set
MMSC:Not set
MMS proxy:Not set
Authentication type:Not set
APN protocol:IPv4
APN roaming protocol:IPv4

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