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The Connection Between Gaming and Gambling: A Closer Look 


Are you one of those people who thinks gaming and gambling are two completely different things? Well, you are not right. These are created and defined as two different things. But they still have a lot of similarities that you need to know. While some are just fun and interesting, others can be problematic. Below we will reveal all of the similar elements of gaming and gambling.  

Bonuses And Different Rewards

At first sight, you may believe that bonuses and rewards are available for online casino games only. But, these are available in video games as well. For instance, you can and you will probably get free coins or free cash in a video game when you create an account. This is the same as a no-deposit bonus.  These bonuses are widely provided at European online casinos. Many European casinos provide free bonuses for all newly registered users. You can use your real money on a video game. When you purchase in-game currency, the game can give you even more to play with. This is the same as a match deposit bonus.

Then we can see rewards. In casino games, you get rewards in the form of coins that are actual money. In video games, you can also get a reward. But, you can get it in the form of in-game currency, items and things you can use in the game and so much more. 

The main thing to know here is that casino games without limits and video games both offer bonuses and rewards that should make them more appealing to users. This similarity is so important that some users who have gambling addictions are not recommended to play video games that offer rewards and bonuses! 

Interacting With Other Users

When you play a video game in multiplayer mode you can interact with other players. These are some of the most popular games. After all, you can have fun with other people from the comfort of your home. You can also interact with other people when playing casino games. 

The latter refers to live dealer games only. Usually, players will chat, interact and have fun together. These games are developed to mimic gambling at land-based casinos and they are more than just popular. 

In a nutshell, this is another similarity that makes a lot of sense. You will play some games to interact with people and you will probably want to play them longer and interact with more people. We must add that in both cases this form of entertainment does make gambling and gaming more competitive. You will want to be the best and you will want to win. 

Themes Of Games

Another similarity is that most games (video games and casino games) are based on TV shows, movies, science fiction, or something else. It is rare, but you can even find a slot game with the same theme or at least the part of the theme that you can see in a video game. This can be an interesting and problematic similarity. 

Some slots may be even based on video games. You can find slots that have elements of FIFA, first-person shooters and so much more. While some players like these games a lot, others don’t. It is up to you but there are still a lot of less-important similarities here. 

Issues With The Addiction 

Both can cause addiction. This is not something that you should ignore or believe you are immune to. Gambling addiction is a huge problem for millions of players across the world. As you can see, a gambling addiction can be the same as a gaming addiction or at least it will have the same symptoms. For instance, you will want to play the game all day long, but you don’t get the thrill anymore and you don’t enjoy it when you win or lose. 

Addiction in this form can be bad regardless of whether are you addicted to playing video games or casino games. In both cases, you can spend real money and you can spend a lot of it which will cause a lot of other problems. If you notice any of the symptoms above or you feel like playing a game is the only thing you like to do nowadays, you may need professional help.

Gamblers with addiction who live in the United Kingdom do have help. They can use GamStop. This is a free platform that is mandatory on all UKGC casinos. The goal is to create an account at the GamStop and they will block all the casinos and sports betting sites that are part of the network. As you can assume this refers to all sites legally available in the UK. A player will choose the length of the self-exclusion. When it expires, he can remove it (a player must contact customer support and ask them to remove the ban first), and only then he or she can play again. This self-exclusion can last up to 5 years! 

Gamers also can use similar platforms to distance themselves from playing video games. The goal is the same and we can add that these platforms do work well. 

The Final Word 

As you were able to see, gaming and gambling have a lot of similarities. These are not the same thing but they are connected more than you may believe. It is important to play these games responsibly and to stay protected from the addiction which can have a huge, negative effect on your life.

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