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Chrome for Android makes alerts about site notifications less intrusive

An experimental option has been added to Chrome for Android by Google. This option helps make alerts about site notifications less intrusive and more unobtrusive

The browser already has some options for customizing how these alerts appear, but the new setting aims (called ‘Quieter notification permission prompts’) is new for anyone using Chrome Canary on their phone or tablet.

This setting is added to the existing ‘Enabled’, ‘Enabled (force heads-up notifications)’ and ‘Enabled (force mini-info bars)’ options.

You can choose the setting you would like to use by visiting chrome://flags in Chrome, and then searching for ‘Quieter notification permission prompts’.

The new option can be found in Chrome Canary 80.0.3969.0 and newer, and as the name would suggest, ‘Force quiet notifications’ is far less intrusive than the other options.

With ‘Force heads-up notifications’ selected, you’ll be shown an aggressive popup informing you that notifications are available for a site, and giving you the option of blocking or allowing them. Select ‘Force mini-infobars’, and instead, you’ll see a small mini-message at the bottom of the screen. You can tap this to change settings, or just ignore it.

When the new ‘Force quiet notifications’ option is enabled, you will instead see a soft notification in Android itself which you can deal with or ignore as you see fit.

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