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Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL Coming with Motion Control and Advanced Face Unlock

Google has played a good part this time round by providing some random info on what we should be expecting on its upcoming flagship, the Pixel 4.

And so far, if you love the beauty and design that is currently offered by most devices in the market, then Google’s Pixel 4 is not worth a glance. It is beyond doubt that the camera will still be the primary selling point followed closely by timely OS updates –but only if you care about that. Since it has become vividly clear that Google is still struggling with design, and they are yet to realize that.

On fresh news about Pixel 4, Google announced that the device will support Face Unlock and Motion control. These features are not intriguing –we have already seen that. But it is lame that they are the point behind the quite busy top bezel on Pixel 4 renders.

Google has been working on Soli, a motion sense radar based on similar technology used in detecting aeroplanes and large objects. The technique can be dated back to Google I/0 2016, and the feature was approved by the FCC January this year –which makes us land in a ‘good-feature-wrong-time’ situation.

Soli will be able to recognize gestures and detect when you’re nearby. The motion sensor also allows you to perform quick actions like skipping songs, snooze alarms, and silence phone calls using your hand gestures.

Google acknowledges Face Unlock as an old tech but says their implementation is different. Coupled with Soli, you will be able to seamlessly unlock your device even before you pick it up –no matter what angle you approach your device from.

Based on Google’s new trick of dropping some tidbits now and then, we can expect to know way more about the device before it even launches in October.

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