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Taxify Rates in Nairobi and Mombasa

Taxify XL

There are a handful of taxi hailing apps in Kenya even though most people only know of Uber. Uber has been getting a bad reputation recently with most people finding the service unappealing and thus opting for alternatives.


If you are one of the people who have been looking for alternatives, you may have come across Taxify. Taxify has been in Kenya for a while and knowing its rates is a good start for those who are thinking about using it. At the moment, Taxify in Kenya is only available in Nairobi and Mombasa, these are the two biggest cities in Kenya and it makes sense for the company to concentrate operations here. Even though Taxify has been in Kenya for some time now, the company is not willing to reveal how many people are using its services just yet. This is not an issue as we are more interested in its rates.

Below are the Taxify rates in Kenya.

Taxify has slightly different rates for some services in Nairobi and Mombasa. We will first look at Taxify rates in Nairobi.

Taxify Rates in Nairobi

ServiceTaxify (standard)Taxify GoTaxify BodaTaxify XL
Minimum PriceKES 200KES 100KES 50KES 250
StartKES 85KES 75KES 20KES 100
Price Per KMKES 30/KMKES 22/KMKES 12/KMKES 40/KM

Taxify XL is the company’s new service for those in large groups. Taxify boda in the boda boda (motorcycle) option and Taxify Go is for those who want a smaller car and is perfect for smaller distances.

Taxify Rates in Mombasa

ServiceTaxify (standard)Taxify TuktukTaxify XL
Minimum PriceKES 150KES 50KES 250
StartKES 50KES 10KES 100
Price Per KMKES 29/KMKES 10/KMKES 45/KM
Price Per MinKES 3/MINKES 1.50/MINKES 5/MIN
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