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WhatsApp’s Two Step Verification Is Now Available to All Users on Android, iOS and Windows Phone


Late last year, we told you about WhatsApp’s two step verification that was available to those who had WhatsApp Beta for Android only. This feature allowed users to create a six-digit pass code they will need when verifying their phone numbers. You will be required to remember this pass code when you get a new smartphone and are setting up WhatsApp for the first time.

WhatsApp’s two step verification has been limited to the beta version of the app but the company is finally rolling it out to all other users. This feature has started rolling out to WhatsApp for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

With the two step verification, WhatsApp is making it much easier for users to protect their accounts. To activate this, open WhatsApp and head to the settings page and tap on account and click on the ‘Two-step verification’ option then enable it.

whatsapp two step authentication 1

WhatsApp will keep reminding you to enter the pass code from time to time to ensure you remember it. There is also an option to add your e-mail address, this is the e-mail you will use when you forget your pass code. Before you choose to add your e-mail, just remember that WhatsApp will not verify the accuracy of the e-mail so make sure it is correct and the one you actively use before adding it.

As mentioned above, this feature is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone so get to your respective app store and get the update.

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