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Only 10.9% of All Windows Phone Users Are Using Windows 10 Mobile

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It is no secret that Microsoft is having a hard time pushing Windows Phone/Windows 10 Mobile to users. Even as the company tries to push the platform to get people to use it, Android and iOS still rule the market and they are not slowing down.

Late last year, Microsoft introduced Windows 10 Mobile and this was seen as the new OS that would help the company reach more people. This has not happened so far and according to AdDuplex, Windows 10 Mobile accounts for 10.9% of the Windows Phone market. This is an increase of 0.5% from the figures recorded in May and shows that adoption of this new OS isn’t happening as fast as we had expected.

Windows Phone 8.1 is the most popular with a market share of 78.8%. This means that most people who own devices running this OS are not able to update their devices, are not willing to update their devices, are not buying new devices or they just don’t care anymore. All these reasons don’t make Windows and Microsoft look good no matter how you look at it.

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As for the other Windows Phone version, AdDuplex is reporting that they are still around with Windows Phone 8 having a market share of 7.4% and Windows Phone 7.x having a market share of 2.9%. It is interesting to see Windows Phone 7.x still around since it was launched back in 2010 and its last iteration, Windows Phone 7.8 was released in January 2013. This is a long time ago in the smartphone world and if you don’t already know, users cannot update from Windows Phone 7.8 to Windows Phone 8.

75% of Windows 10 Mobile Installs Are On Older Devices

From the data shared by AdDuplex, it is clear that people are not buying Windows 10 Mobile devices as we had expected. From the data, 75% of all Windows 10 Mobile installs are on older devices that were updated to this new OS. This means that only 25% of those using Windows 10 Mobile actually bought the devices they are using. This is bad for Microsoft, really bad and means that people are not the excited with these new devices including the Lumia 550, 950 and 950XL. Probably Microsoft should do something drastic to change this very soon and get people excited about their new devices.

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