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Microsoft will Soon Release a 64-bit Version of Windows 10 Mobile for Its Lumia Smartphones

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If you are using Windows 10 Mobile, you may (or may not) already know that the version you are using is a 32-bit one. This is the version out there right now but things are about to change very soon. Microsoft has sort of confirmed that there is a 64-bit Windows 10 Mobile that is under development and will be released very soon.

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Microsoft revealed that a 64-bit Windows 10 Mobile version is in development when it published a feature on Dave Cutler who has been responsible for developing some of the company’s most significant products.

The article reads,

“Cutler stopped managing the entire NT project in 1996, but continued to lead the kernel development until 2006. In March 2005, he completed one of his “most gratifying pieces of work” at Microsoft when, partnering with AMD, he helped develop the AMD64 architecture (64-bit extensions to the 32-bit x86 architecture) and led the effort to ship the first two x64 64-bit Windows systems (workstation and server). At the time, some questioned why Microsoft developed a 64-bit system; today most computers are 64-bit systems and even our phones will soon have a 64-bit operating system.”

Introduction of a 64-bit Windows 10 Mobile will open up the platform to new capabilities and features. It will also lead to the introduction of new hardware features including devices that support more than 4GB of RAM. Introduction of these new upgrades may allow Lumia smartphones to run complex and intensive applications.

Microsoft just hinted that 64-bit version of Windows 10 Mobile is on the way but did not go into specifics such as the expected launch date. It will probably be on the next flagship Lumia smartphones that may be released later in the year.

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