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Over 9 Million Galaxy S7 Units Were Shipped in March

Samsung’s current flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7, seems to be doing quite well in terms of actual sales.  According to an industry analyst, Jay Yoo, Samsung managed to ship over 9.5 Million units of the Galaxy S7 just last month. The S7 went on sale globally sometime last month and moving over 9.5 million units within that short time is very impressive.

The initial estimates for the Galaxy S7 for the first month were 7 million units but it looks like Samsung surpassed this with a significant number. This has led to some analysts recalculating their sales forecasts for the year.

Samsung has been struggling with sales in the recent past and to see the S7 start off in a positive note is very impressive. The S7 is a truly beautiful device both inside and outside and Samsung seems to be winning because of that.  Shipping over 9.5 million units is not a joke for any manufacturers and especially for Samsung as competition for the high end market segment has been a bit tough of late.

Another analyst, Park Jung-hoon said, “It looks like the sell-in numbers have been pretty good and analysts are raising their sales forecasts for the S7 this year. The firm is pushing up volume in the mid-to-low tier to protect market share. Starting S7 sales about a month earlier than the S6 to take advantage of Apple not having new products out yet was also a good move.”

I will be watching this to see if Samsung keep up with the momentum as the year goes on and as other flagship smartphone from other manufacturers come into the market.

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