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Sharing documents through WhatsApp is about to get a whole lot easier

Para que quiere Facebook a WhatsApp

One thing that Telegram has always had over WhatsApp is the ability to send documents from one user to the other. This made it more appealing for users who send documents regularly as they see it as more than just another Instant messaging app.

WhatsApp knows that there are users who want the feature that allows them to share files with their friends. The company is currently working on this feature which is still in beta mode but when completed will allow people to easily share documents with their contacts.

This feature is currently available on WhatsApp version 2.12.489 which as I have mentioned above is still in beta mode. The ability to send documents is not the only feature included as it also brings with it the ability to copy individual links (previously users had to copy the whole message) and options to delete older chats (more than 30 days).

You should not get excited just yet as currently the beta version only allows users to send PDF files. The feature is also limited to WhatsApp for Android at the moment. Since this is still in beta, I will assume that it will be able to support other file types when it makes its way to the play store. Am also pretty sure that it will be available to WhatsApp for iOS a few weeks/months after it is available to all Android users.

A brand new WhatsApp!

WhatsApp has been adding new features to its platforms the last couple of months and this is just one of them. The company removed the annual subscription fees and included link previews on chats a few weeks ago. These are just some of the main changes made on the instant messaging platform this year and we expect more to come including the ability to send documents.

For those who are interested in the beta version, you can download it here and sideload it on your Android device.

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