April 21, 2018

Windows 10’s Market Share Currently Stands at 24%

windows 10

Microsoft has been trying to get as many people as possible to update to Windows 10 ever since the update was released back in 2015. The company even made the update free for those who owned genuine copies of Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. Within 24 hours of its release, over 14 million people had downloaded Windows 10 and this was something Microsoft happily shared with the public.

Since then, Windows 10 has seen its market share grow steadily and it now has 24.36% share of the desktop operating system market. This figure has been revealed by  NetMarketShare and shows that more and more people are getting the OS as they get new computers which come with Windows 10 preinstalled.

Back in May 2016, we told you that Windows 10 had been installed in 300 million devices and this was slightly above 12% market share. This market share had gone up significantly as you have seen above. Microsoft’s aim was to get one billion people to use Windows 10 in a year or so and it looks like the company might be able to do this if more and more people keep getting the newer devices that come with the OS preinstalled.

Windows 7 Still Popular

Windows 10 aside, the most popular desktop OS out there is still Windows 7. It currently has a market share 48.34%. Quite significant for an operating system that has been around for years. Windows 8.1 has a market share of 6.95 while Windows XP has a market share of 9.07%.

Linux is also somewhere on the lists with a 2.2% market share while Mac OS X 10.12 has a 2.35 market share.

As I have mentioned above, expect Windows 10’s market share to keep going up as more and more devices coming into the market this year has the OS preinstalled.

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