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Five Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To Windows 10

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So Microsoft will officially unveil Windows 10 to the word today. Here in Kenya, the event will be presided over by Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella who is already in the country for that specific function. If you are still wondering why you should even consider getting Windows 10, I have compiled a list of five reasons why you should get it. There are many reasons to get Windows 10 but I have just looked at five.

It’s Free

If you have the latest update and are using either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, you will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. This offer is in place for the next one year and after that, you will have to pay for you to update. But one year is a long time to wait so you should get Windows 10 for free as soon as you can. Contrary to what has been said before, you will continue getting updates for as long as you use the OS. You will not be asked to pay anything even after the one year is over.

For those on older Windows versions (Vista and the likes) you will have to pay for the upgrade. Keep in mind that the free upgrade option is only applicable for those who own genuine Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 versions.

It’s Faster

If you have used Windows for a long time, then you have had issues with slow performance especially when you install a new OS. Those who have installed Windows 10 says that it does not have this issue and actually performs faster than previous versions. We all want an OS that is faster and that gets the work done in time. That is why getting Windows 10 is right for you.

Better Design and User Experience

Windows 10 combines the best of Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 to bring you a better design and user experience.  If you did not like the design or usability of Windows 8.1, then Windows 10 is something you will like as it is slightly improved to give you a better experience.

It’s Secure

With Windows 10, Microsoft has focused so much on security. For starters, Windows 10 comes with Microsoft’s own Windows Defender antivirus turned on. You can still turn this off and install your own antivirus if you wish to do so. The new Edge browser can also protect you from phishing sites to ensure your personal information is not stolen.

Unlocking your PC or tablet on Windows 10 can also be done using your face, your eyeball or your fingerprint thanks to Windows Hello. This makes your device secure and easy to use.

Universal Apps

With Windows10, Microsoft says that there will be some Universal apps that will be able to run on different devices. This means that a developer can develop one app that will run on PCs, smartphones and even the Xbox.

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