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How to increase the speed of your internet connection at home

Have you ever experienced a sudden loss of Internet connection while wanting to do something constructive with it? A good internet connection Is crucial to many of us, especially those who like working from home.

Here in Kenya, for example, some internet service providers will charge you expensively for any package they offer. The exact distribution of the network is not always ideal, as you will sooner or later encounter some glitches which will end up slowing whatever you are doing with it.

 The good news is that it could just take a few minutes to find a straightforward solution to slow internet. Several factors count in so that you may increase your home’s wireless coverage and speeds. These all start with choosing a reliable service provider. In case you are wondering where to start, here are some of the best ISPs in Kenya.

  • Zuku Fibre
  • Safaricom
  • Faiba
  • Telkom
  • Airtel
  • Poa internet
  • Liquid Home
  • SurfNet Solutions

In addition to having a reliable provider, there are also other keynotes that you must be able to take in your diary. Take a look down below to solve the slow internet problem.

 selecting a reliable router first

Choosing the appropriate router or other equipment is the first step in the process. If your router is more recent and supports dual-band and 802.11ac wireless technology, you may want to consider replacing it. Thanks to this, you will have the most satisfactory overall coverage and the quickest wifi speeds available.

 Choose  the best position to place your router

When you move in, a router should be placed along a wall at one of the farthest corners of the new home or apartment. When a router is placed in the corner of your home, a significant portion of your wireless coverage is broadcast outside. This is because routers emit the signal in all directions. It is advisable to relocate the router to a central area to improve the signal. 

Do not place it near other electronic devices

A place distant from other electrical gadgets and oversized metal items is preferred. The likelihood that anything may interfere with the signal increases the closer your router is to walls, barriers, and electrical gadgets.

Attempt to evaluate the signal

In the worst-case scenario, mapping your home’s signal can help identify potential coverage gaps or issues. Applications like Wifi Analyzer for Android may be used to do this.

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