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Top Reasons why you should use Airduka’s online marketplace

Airduka in Kenya

If you are looking to buy any product or get services in Kenya, you can find what you need on a platform like It is an online marketplace that helps to connect buyers and sellers of a wide range of products and services. There are hundreds of sellers offering different products and services that you may be interested in. On their website, you can get whatever you need easily and within the shortest time.


Here are five main reasons why you should consider using airduka the next time you want to sell a product or service.

Easy to sign up and get started

When it comes to running your business, time is a valuable resource. Signing up to sell your products on airduka will not take so much time as the entire process can be completed in a few minutes. There are no complicated steps to follow just to get started.

Posting products on airduka is also easy as all you need is the product title, description, and images. You can list a wide range of products on the platform ranging from consumer goods, electronics, electrical supplies, mechanical spare parts, industrial materials, and many other products you would typically not find on other eCommerce platforms.

No Commission is charged on products sold

Most other eCommerce platforms will charge you a commission on every sale you make. Airduka is different as it charges no percentage commission on products or services. With this, there is no need to adjust your prices higher just to cover the commission or even take reduced profits as part of what you make is used to cover the commission.

No commission means that at the end of the day you take significantly more money home than you would with most other eCommerce platforms.

Create an e-catalogue shareable on WhatsApp

With, any business can create an e-catalogue that consists of their available inventory with key features such as product prices, descriptions and images. This e-catalogue acts as a platform for the seller to showcase their products and can be easily be shared through WhatsApp, email and any other social media pages the seller is on.

Receive orders on WhatsApp

A big percentage of the population uses WhatsApp and airduka understands that. This is why the platform has made it easy for sellers to connect with buyers using that platform. Through it, buyers can order directly from the seller’s airduka e-catalogue on WhatsApp. This makes it easier for both the seller and the buyers as it shortens the time it takes to communicate and hopefully leads to more sales.

Receive Direct Sales Leads From Interested Buyers

All sellers on airduka  will be receiving direct sales leads from buyers looking for your products on the platform.

This feature allows buyers to send their contact details including names, phone numbers and email addresses to sellers that a buyer wishes to purchase their products/services.

These details will be sent to sellers via email and SMS, and they will be real-time information sent immediately after a buyer submits their details. These buyers are primed and ready to buy, so sellers have a greater chance of making sales!

Reach a bigger audience

You may already have social media pages for your website and are reaching a significant number of customers already. Airduka can help you reach a bigger audience as it has customers from all over the country. To make sure your products reach an even bigger audience, airduka has each product SEO-optimized ensuring that they are visible to search engines.

If this sounds good to you, check out airduka here >

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