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What you need to Know about Safaricom Halal Pesa

Safaricom Halal pesa

About one week ago, Safaricom Halal pesa was introduced by the telco in partnership with Gulf African Bank. This is the first Shariah-compliant mobile and digital financial solution to launch in Kenya.

This is the latest addition by Safaricom to M-pesa that has seen some great strides in recent years. The company introduced the new M-Pesa App with mini-apps that make it more useful and gives businesses and service providers a chance to grow and serve their customers better.

“We remain keen on partnerships that enable us to provide a wide variety of financial solutions that meet the diversified needs of our customers further broadening financial inclusion to ensure that we leave no one behind. “ said Peter Ndegwa, CEO -Safaricom.

Back to Halal pesa, let us see what it is all about.

What is Safaricom Halal Pesa?

As mentioned above, Safaricom Halal Pesa is a Shariah-compliant mobile and digital financial solution powered by M-pesa. It is a financing product only at the moment with a savings option set to be introduced later.

This is a product compliant with Shari’ah principles and operates under Tawarruq model. This means that customers are given a facility and not a loan.

As such, it is perfect for Muslim customers who stay out of other lending products since they don’t adhere to Shari’ah law.

When you borrow, you will repay the amount plus a 5% margin. You can borrow up to Ksh 20,000 and can have one active facility at a time. The low margin makes Halal Pesa affordable compared to M-Shwari which charges a fee of 7.5% and 1.5% excise duty.

How do I access Safaricom Halal Pesa?

So, how do I qualify for Halal Pesa? Halal pesa is accessible to  All M-PESA registered users. To activate it on your phone, follow these steps:

On your M-Pesa App, navigate to the “Grow” option then choose Halal Pesa mini App.

For those without the app, you can:

  • Dial *334#
  • Select Loans and Savings
  • Select Halal Pesa
  • Select Register
  • Check terms and conditions, read and then accept the terms and conditions
  • Enter your MPESA PIN.

How to Grow your Halal Pesa Limit

You will know your Halal Pesa when opting in. You can keep checking your Halal Pesa limit by:

  • Dialing  *334#
  • Select Facility
  • Select Check limit
  • Enter your MPESA PIN

What is the limit of Halal Pesa facility?

The minimum amount you can get from Halal Pesa is Ksh 1000, you can’t get any amount lower than this. The maximum amount for first time customers is Ksh 15,000 while repeat customers can get as much as ksh 20,000.

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