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SWVL To Resume Operations in Kenya After Resolving Issues with the NTSA


SWVL has been having a rough time after facing off with the NTSA regarding its operations in the country. The Shuttle hailing platform was accused of operating in the country without the right license and this forced it to stop operating in certain routes in the city.

SWVL has just announced that it has resolved the issues it has had with the NTSA and that the service is now 100% compliant. You will not see SWVL rides on the road just yet as the company has suspended services due to the current pandemic. Operations will resume once the lockdown is lifted and at that point its operations will be legal.

Speaking on this, Dip Patel, the General Manager for SWVL in Kenya, said “We are pleased that we have resolved all issues with the NTSA and that’s extremely important for us. Once we exit the lockdown, we will be able to steadily bring back our operations and we can now show our corporate customers that we have met all the regulatory requirements.”

SWVL has also added it will begin onboarding existing bus owners and public transport saccos, in their bid to benefit the entire ecosystem with a more inclusive approach.

NTSA on its part is willing to look into developing the regulatory framework in place to encompass user and industry-driven technological advancements. This will help to fill the gap that exists in regards to regulating technology platforms in the transport industry. The agency has stated that subject to SWVL’s compliance with certain guidelines, “the Authority has no objection to SWVL providing digital vehicle hailing services.”

 “We have continued to engage with the NTSA to arrive at a framework that will support technology enabled transport solutions and take Kenya to the next level. This is because, at the end of the day, our goals are the same. We both endeavour to develop an efficient transportation system for commuters that is safe, reliable, convenient and affordable. We are excited to be able to continue our operations and we are very pleased about the consideration of the regulatory framework to incorporate technological developments coming up in the industry”, said SWVL Kenya General Manager, Dip Patel.

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