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How Vital is The Alpha 9 Intelligent Processor in LG OLED TVs

LG Alpha 9 intelligent processor

Earlier this year at CES, LG announced the latest version of its TV-focused “Alpha” processor, the Alpha 9 intelligent processor. This new processor replaces the Alpha 7 and the company says that it is better at handling advanced image processing, artificial intelligence and natural language requests by using the TV remote.

So, the question is, what role does the Alpha 9 processor play in the new LG OLED TVs?

Improved Picture Quality

LG was very clear that the new Alpha 9 intelligent processor is optimized for its OLED TVs. In these TVs, viewers are guaranteed clarity with exquisite detail, vibrant colours and more depth presented in every image. The company says that this is the most powerful picture processing engine that is out there. With this in mind, viewers should expect improved image quality with the new LG OLED TVs compared to previous models.

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Quad-Step Noise Reduction

Noise reduction is an important aspect in this day and age and the new Alpha 9 intelligent processor promises clearer images thanks to the Quad-step noise processing technology. The four-step noise reduction process ensures you get better images that you would not get with previous LG TVs that had a dual step noise reduction process. With this new processing technology, you are guaranteed of reduced grain and banding noise than before.

LG OLED TV in kenya

Still on noise reduction, the Alpha 9 intelligent processor makes use of temporal noise reduction and not just spatial noise reduction as in other models. With temporal noise reduction, multiple frames are compared to find grain and eliminate any flaws that may be there for better image quality.

Frequency Based Sharpness Enhancer

After the Quad-step noise reduction process, the Alpha 9 intelligent processor enhances the sharpness of the image to improve overall detail and texture. It does this by accentuating the edges of the object in the picture to end up with detail pictures that are more realistic and create greater depth.

Image sharpness is a vital feature for any TV in 2018 and LG knows this too well. The company says that frequency-based sharpness enhancer will help express image details more distinctly for a better viewing experience. This is different from what is offered by some of the other TV you can find on the market.

Object Depth Enhancer

With the Alpha 9 intelligent processor, LG promises better object depth enhancing. The object depth enhancer does a good job in separating the main object on the screen from the images in the background and then analyze the textures and edges. The depth enhancer also boosts contrast ratio between the object and the background for deeper dimensions.



The processor then works to make the edges even sharper and then elevates the perceived depth of the picture while revealing the hidden details.

High Frame Rate Video Processing

The Alpha 9 intelligent processor makes it easy to process videos at High Frame Rates of up to 120 frames per second. With this, it is able to maintain smooth picture quality even during fast motion sequences. This provides a better viewing experience as there is no motion blur as you’d expect.

True Colour Accuracy

If you are planning to buy an OLED TV in 2018, you expect the colour accuracy to be the best. The Alpha 9 intelligent processor on the new OLED TVs from LG can help with this as it utilizes a more sophisticated colour table compared to previous models. What this means is that it will have more colour data points to enable it display true to life colours with no distortion.

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