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Instagram Is Working on A Feature That Will Let You Mute Certain Users


The beauty of social media is the power and control it gives you over the kind of content you see and interact with. You can block people who you never want to interact with and mute those who you may not want to see on your timeline at a specific time but would not mind interacting with them at a later date.

Twitter has such an option and Instagram may soon have one too. You will be able to mute those friends who post way too many photos or videos without unfollowing them. We all know unfollowing your friends may not end up well and this will be the ideal solution if you do not want to see their content at a particular time and still be following and interacting with them.

According  to Instagram user @wongmjane, the photo and video sharing platform has such a feature that is limited to a few users. As expected, Instagram is yet to say anything about this but it should work the same way as the mute button on Twitter.  If some users are seeing it, the feature may be at an advanced testing phase so we should be seeing it out there very soon. I am part of Instagram beta program and I am yet to see the feature on my end, I’ll keep checking back to see if anything changes.

Testing More Features

The mute option aside, Instagram has also been testing another feature that adds a calendar view for your Instagram Stories. This is to help you see some of your previous Stories that may not be available to your contacts anymore.

That is not all. According to @wongmjane, Instagram is also testing a Slow-Mo button for Stories. Slow motion is not something you will be using everyday but it will add some character to your Stories and this is what Instagram wants as it will keep attracting users to the feature. Instagram Stories are very popular and one of the most popular features on the app and this is why the developers have been making many changes of late. We should be seeing more features added in the coming months.

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