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Faiba 4G Top Up, Bundle Purchase and USSD Shortcodes

Faiba 4G bundles in kenya

If you live in Kenya, you have probably heard about Jamii Telecommunications’ new product, Faiba 4G. The service went live over a month ago and even though it is not available countrywide, it has sparked interest among users mainly because of its affordable data packages. For example, there is a 25GB bundle that can be used within 30 dayse for only Ksh 1,000. This is very cheap when you compare it to products offered by the other players in the market.

With Faiba 4G in Kenya, the one area the company has failed is providing users with the information they need to do simple tasks like purchasing data bundles and the likes. This post will look at some of these simple tasks that can help simplify the process.

Topping Up Faiba 4G and Buying Data Bundle

Purchasing Faiba 4G airtime is the same as with any other telco in Kenya. Find a shop selling the airtime and you are good to go. Since Faiba 4G hasn’t been around for long, you finding shops selling this airtime may not be easy. If that is the case, you can purchase the airtime through Mpesa paybill number 776611 and account number is your number i.e. 0747 XXX XXX.

To buy the bundle you want, dial *111# and select the first option and take it up from there. Keep in mind that this option may now work for everyone and if that is the case, you can go to http://selfcare.jtl.co.ke on your phone and buy the bundles you want.

You can also use the Faiba app to purchase bundles. The app isn’t the best looking out there and is a bit slow but can get the job done.

Faiba 4G USSD Account balance and other short codes

USSD code

Function description


This is the main prepaid USSD. It contains all the services offered on Faiba4G


This USSD code will display the subscribers’ phone number


This USSD code will display the main account balance of the subscriber


This USSD code is a shortcut for buying bundles


This USSD code is a shortcut for transferring airtime between Faiba4G numbers


This is the Faiba4G customer care line

Faiba 4G Data Bundles

DataPrice (Ksh)Validity
1GBKsh 501 Day
8GBKsh 3007 Days
15GBKsh 5007 Days
25GBKsh 100030 Days
40GBKsh 200030 Days
70GBKsh 300030 Days
120GBKsh 400030 Days
210GBKsh 600030 Days

If you are planning to use your Faiba 4G SIM card for calls and SMS, below are the rates.

Faiba 4G Prepaid Tariff

On-Net SMSKsh 1/SMS
Off-Net SMSKsh 1/SMS
Off-Net CallsKsh 2/Minute
On-Net Calls (Voice and Video)Ksh 2/Minute
Data TariffKsh 3/MB
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