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Instagram Doesn’t Support Cross Posting to Foursquare Swarm and Flickr Anymore


Instagram has made some changes to its platform but very few people noticed. Last week, the company reduced the options to cross post content to other social media platforms with no warning or heads up. Right now, you can only share content to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. If you are like many people, you probably don’t know which other platforms have been removed.

Before you get confused, Foursquare Swarm and Flickr are the two platforms that have been trimmed from the sharing options. I bet you never noticed they were there did you?. Foursquare Swarm allows users to earn points every time they check in through the app while Flickr is a photo sharing/hosting website.

Both these options were removed last week and as mentioned above, there was no information from Instagram as to why this happened. To add to this, not many people noticed these options were not available anymore, you probably only noticed that something was missing but were not sure what.

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Swarm took to Twitter to confirm this has happened as you can see from the tweet below.

Swarm is yet to say what led to its removal but as for Flickr, a staff member took to its forums to address the situation saying that the removal was a result of Instagram’s refusal to fix a longstanding bug. This bug prevented Instagram from communicating with Flickr correctly. For those who still want to share Instagram posts to Flickr, you have to use the popular automation app IFTTT.

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