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Google Assistant Will Be Available on iOS Very Soon

Google Assistant

Google Assistant, the company’s latest digital assistant, has been around for less than a year and was first released last year when the company announced the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. Up until recently, Google Assistant was available on the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones before Google released it for non-Pixel phones.

Google isn’t going to stick with Android devices when it comes to this new assistant. According to Android Police, trusted sources have revealed that Google Assistant will be heading to iOS very soon. Taking Google Assistant to iOS will mean that it competes directly with Siri which is Apple’s own product and comes hard coded inside iOS.

Even with Google Assistant on iOS, Siri has the upper hand and Apple has never been a big fan of letting third party assistants have deep integration with the OS the way Siri does. This means that there are things that Siri will still be able to do very well and those who want the said features will have no option but use Apple’s own digital assistant.

Google isn’t new to this, the company brought Google Now to iOS via Google Search so this is not the first rodeo for the company. With Google Now on iOS, users do not get the same experience those on Android get. This means that Google Assistant will also be limited in terms of usability when it lands on iOS.

According to Android Police, Google will make the official announcement about this later this week at Google I/O. Details are still sketchy but it is believed that the assistant will be available in the US when launched and will have a chat-like style like the Assistant on Allo.

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