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Safaricom Is Yet to Establish What Caused the Network Outage Earlier Today


If Safaricom is your network provider, you may have noticed that today there was a network glitch that made it impossible to make voice calls and send texts. The system outage started at 9:40 am and took a couple of hours before it was fixed.

In a statement, Safaricom said, “This outage affected Voice, Data, SMS, M-PESA and Enterprise services. Our engineers identified the root cause of the outage, which was a failure on both our core network as well as our redundancy options.” This statement doesn’t explain what happened but rather confirms that there was an outage today.

The company went ahead to say, “Our team worked as quickly as possible to resolve the issue and invoked our Business Continuity Planning protocol to restore services.” The issue was resolved temporarily but a few minutes later it went down again according to Safaricom’s CEO, Bob Collymore. The company was able to resolve this completely by 4:30 PM.

Safaricom says that users can now access all its services including Voice, Data, SMS, M-PESA and Enterprise services are available. The company says that it is still investigating what caused the outage. This raises more questions than answers given that if the issue was caused by normal operations, they would have probably figured out what caused it? It may have been caused by any other unexpected event so we will not go into any speculations as of now. We will be following up on this story as soon as we get more information from Safaricom.

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