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Valentine Gift Ideas for the Plugged-in Lover


The month of February is a close replicate of the just ended festive season; a month to celebrate love, giving and a second chance to extend special treats to our special someone. If you happen to be the tech savvy type, or your loved one happens to be the ultimately plugged in geek, then, here is a list of Valentine treats suggested by like-minded adventurers from Jumia Travel that will tickle their fancy.

Smart Suitcase for the super sleek

A suitcase is almost a core part of any journey, soup it up with USB charging ports, trackable devices, inbuilt scale while maintaining super-lightweight and durable shell – and you have a winner! This urbane travel piece comes in different colors, but never failing on the original purpose; travel light, keep safe and stay connected.

Drones, for the airborne lover

Sometime, a camera is not enough to capture vast memories of beautiful rolling dunes of Sossusvle in Namibia, neither is it enough to record the changing landscape of the Danakil Depression in Ethiopia. In such instances, a drone will come in handy. Find one with a flight range that fits your bill and expectations and ascertain that it’s obstacle avoidance is good enough to overcome any occurring barriers.


This is a winner, mostly because it’s so easy to find yourself lost in the wilderness with only the sun as your primary source of energy. Its size allows it to fit superbly as part of your keychain, while maintaining its role with no hindrance.

Portable Projector for progressive entertainment!

Just like the drone, go for one sizable enough to fit in your designated carriage. This way, the projector will fit nicely in your carry-on, and easily enable you to share your travel photos effortlessly. In this age of in-room entertainment, the portable charger comes in handy for video watching on live stream and connects easily with to your smartphones and other paired gadgets.

Portable Humidifier for the dry spell

Hotel rooms can be pretty dry, add such conditions as irritability or sinuses and your stay becomes nightmarish. This could also happen at home, or even in a tented camp. An ideal portable humidifier comes with its own compact bag, and is easy to refill from a water bottle. Just attach a note to the receiver on the need to use distilled water, to avoid minerals collecting at the base.

Fitness tracker for wellness

Exercise enthusiasts as well as anyone interested in keeping track of their physical activities know how lax we all get during vacations. Find one that with a splash-proof, secure and durable case to allow you peace of mind when you go about your regime.

Lillian Gaitho | Head of PR & Communication at Jumia Travel

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