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SwiftKey for Android Just Got An Update That Makes it Easier to Save and Send Text Phrases

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Swiftkey has just got an update that am very sure will impress you if you are a power user.  The updated app makes it easier for users to save and send out specific phrases when chatting with their contacts. This will save users a lot of time and means a better chatting experience overall.

With the updated app, users will be able to save phrases they use often to the app’s new clipboard and access them whenever they want to. These phrases may include your contact info or the words you normally use and you will be able to quickly copy and paste them into texts when you need to. If you have used the beta version of the app, you may have noticed this clipboard but those who use the final release of the app are seeing it for the first time. If you use specific phrases regularly, go ahead and download the updated SwiftKey app and start saving them.

Besides the phrases, SwiftKey is also adding shortcuts that will allow users to save certain phrases using one word. For example, you can save a shortcut such as ‘Address1’ and use that to hold your home address. Whenever you type ‘Address1’ your home address will be typed automatically. This saves you a few seconds and is convenient if you type the same phrases on a regular basis.

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One last thing this update brings is the incognito mode. We have heard about this feature before and it is finally making its way to the official app on the play store. With this feature, you will be able to eliminate certain phrases and words from popping up as predictions when you are typing. This makes for a smooth experience as you do not have to keep dealing with predictions that are not really relevant to you.

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