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You Now Need 2GB of RAM to Smoothly Run Facebook and Messenger Apps on Windows 10 Mobile

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Anyone here using Windows 10 Mobile? Well, if you do, you will have to get a new device soon if you want a smooth experience when running Facebook and Messenger applications. Many users of both these apps have complained that they are not the best on Windows 10 Mobile and it looks like thing will not be getting better, for the users running devices with less than 2GB of RAM.

Facebook has quietly introduced new requirements for the main app and the Messenger apps on Windows 10 Mobile. The changes require devices running either of these applications to have 2GB of RAM or higher. The new requirements have been spotted on the specific app pages on the Windows store but Facebook is yet to officially announce these changes.

This is not good news for Microsoft and Windows 10 Mobile users as the only devices that meet the new requirement are the Lumia 950 and 950 XL. These are the only two devices with 3GB of RAM and will have not problems meeting the new requirements.  This means that those are the only users who will enjoy a smooth experience running Facebook and Messenger applications on their phones. Those with other devices, including the Lumia 550 and Lumia 650, will still have to deal with the sluggish performance.

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Even with these changes, those running devices with 2GB of RAM or less can still download the apps. Allowing those who are using devices with less than the required RAM to download the apps shows that Facebook is just putting out the disclaimer for those who are using devices with less than 2GB RAM. We already know that the app doesn’t run as smooth on Windows 10 Mobile as it does on other platform so the company is trying to tell users that they should not complain if they don’t get a smooth experience.

Facebook and Messenger apps are coded with Facebook’s own cross-platform language and that is why they don’t provide the smoothest performance to users. This means that there is nothing much users can do if they are not willing to upgrade to devices with more RAM or just switch platforms.

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