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Apparently Google Is Doing Away with The Nexus Branding from Its Phones

Nexus 6

Every year, Google normally unveils a new smartphone in partnership with an established manufacturer. These smartphones usually have the Nexus branding and there are popular among Android enthusiasts as they run stock Android, have premium specs and affordable price tags.

The Nexus devices have had a good run and it is reportedly that Google may ditch the name starting this year. According to Android Central, Google has plans to drop the Nexus name and replace it with another title for its upcoming flagship Android smartphones. With previous Nexus devices, Google has been known to go the ‘Stock Android’ way but it looks like the company may change things a bit with these new devices.

At this point, it is not clear if Google is killing the Nexus series altogether or it is just trying new things and will go back to the Nexus lineup that has been around for 6 years. A few months ago, we heard that Google has plans to make its own phones and we noted that if the company did this, the future of the Nexus series as we know it is threatened.

If Google decided to ditch the Nexus line, it might decide to manufacture devices that have a direct connection to its brand. Making devices that have a direct connection to its name is good for Google but may affect its relationship with some of the smartphone manufacturers.

The Future is Still Bright

Before you freak out, it is important to note that no matter what happens to the name, Google may still continue the tradition of partnering with brands to release its annual devices, I don’t see the company jumping into being a manufacturer just yet. The devices will still be there; the only difference is that they will not have the Nexus branding.

For 2016, we are expecting two devices under the new brand, the first one is expected to have a 5-inch display while the second one will have a 5.5 inch one. Both devices are expected to be developed by HTC.

Unlike previous Nexus devices, the new ones will offer added software and an interface different from what is seen on other Android phones. The devices are to be announced in late September or October this year.

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