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APP OF THE WEEK: GameFans – A Must Have App For Gamers

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I have said this in the past, I am not a gammer neither do I find it fulfilling to spend an unspeakable amount of time playing games. This however won’t stop me from recommending a very useful app to the gammers around.

GameFans is an android app, that is well designed with material design elements all over the place. Its main purpose is to keep gammers informed on the latest news from the gaming community – yuhp, that’s it!

Ofcourse, this is not an app for everyone. Majority will wonder how this app even made it to our list, but we can’t just leave our gaming fans behind, we have to take care of them as well. So, gammers, why would you bother getting this app? GameFans ensures that you are kept in the loop when it comes to gaming news, this means that you will be the first to know when that new Xbox game is released, or that new Android first-person shooter game goes free – think of this app as Twitter for gamers (sort of). GameFans provides news on various categories, such as Xbox games, PlayStation games, Android and iOS games and even PC Games. You get all the latest news through the timeline, where you can interact with the comtent and even upvote (sort of giving it a like) the content that you find interesting. You can also subscribe to certain content, to ensure that you get news that is relevant to you. Unfortunately (or fortunately) you personally cannot post news on the app. This means that what you are getting as news, is that much more reliable since not every Tom, Dick and Harry can just post random news.


The app is still in Beta, this means that some things will not work as well, and it may even crush a few times depending on the phone you’re using. However, it is a free app and I see no harm in staying ahead when it comes to gaming news.

Download GameFans for Android

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