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APP OF THE WEEK: FOREST – This App Helps You Focus On Your Work


As exams near for me, I had to look for an app that will help me focus on my studies and stay away from twitter (not that I’m an addict). Forest, is an app that is beautifully built, with an interesting motivation for you to stay away from your phone.

Whenever you want to focus on other things in your life, it could be a meeting, a date, watching a movie, working or even reading a book, you just open the Forest app, set the time you want to stay focused and “grow your tree”. I know I just confused some people there when I metioned growing a tree – the app is called Forest for a reason you know. So to help you stay away from your phone, Forest let’s you plant a tree each time you set the timer. When the timer runs out and you haven’t touched your phone, you will have a fully grown tree at the end of your task. If you happen to leave the app before the timer hits the zero mark, your tree withers. The goal here is to “plant” as many trees as possible each time you use the app. In the long run, you should have your personal forest that you will have grown from the time spent away from your phone.



Forest may seem like an unnecessary app to most people, and I don’t blame you, but I found it to be intersting, especially considering that I can have my own forest as proof of my work. However, I wish I could compare my achievements with other people using the app, maybe this would even motivate me to stay away from my phone more. The greatest thing about Forest, is that it is available on all platforms, but some have to pay for it,

Download Forest on Android (Free)
Download Forest on iOS ($1.99)
Download Forest on Windows Phone ($0.99)

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