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APP OF THE WEEK: BBD – Compare Product Prices on Your Phone

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Before the age of online shopping dawned on us, the only way to know if a product or service is available was to physically visit the shops and retail centers. At least now with platforms such as Jumia, Kilimall and the likes, you can easily checkout the product you want and even compare the prices on the different platforms, prior to making the decision to buy. Well this week’s app, BBD is built to help you compare prices of a product being offered by different vendors. BBD is aiming to be the window shopper’s companion as you can compare the prices being offered for a particular product through this app.

Using the app is as simple as it gets, simply sign up or log in if you already have an account, then you can go straight ahead and search for the product you want. BBD has made it a little bit easy as they have categories and products are cataloged according to brand. After selecting the product you want, simply tap search and the app gives you a list of vendors who are selling that particular product with the cheapest vendor being top. BBD shows prices from vendors who have a physical location, and they claim to have vetted the said vendors to ensure their credibility.

I am not big on shopping, but I introduced this app to a couple of shopaholics I know and their excitement was unmatched. I like the way the app is built, the functionality is very practical and the fact that it offers Google Maps directions and even contacts of the vendors is superb.
I however wish they could include online platforms such as Jumia into their results, this would make BBD even more useful, and also make it available for iOS and Windows Phone users, as the app is currently only available on Android.

If you are looking to buy something and would like to know the price and get the best deal, I would recommend using BBD. Incase it has not hit you, it is Kenyan-made.

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