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Microsoft Will Be Adding Native Ad-Blocking Support to Its Edge Web Browser

Microsoft edge

When Microsoft introduced Windows 10 to the world, the company also introduced a new web browser, Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge was meant to support Internet Explorer which was one of the worst browsers on the market.

Microsoft has announced that its Edge Web browser will be getting a native ad-blocking support with the next update. The company announced this at this year’s Build 2016 conference. This is a bold move for Microsoft and it’s something I never expected from the company which has been a bit too slow in introducing new features that consumers want.

Including native ad-blocking support will make Microsoft Edge the third such browser to do so with the other two being Opera (developer edition) and Brave. We still don’t know when the update will finally be available to the end user but it may be sometime this year.

A few extra features

Microsoft will not be including ad-blocking support only with the next update. Some few extra features you should expect is support for extensions and an integrated Bing translator. Support for extensions is a very big deal if you ask me and it is something I will be excited to see.

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows 10 but its adoption was still at 1.5% back in December. This number will probably not grow that fast even as more people adopt the new OS. Microsoft needs to revamp the browser completely if people are to be convinced it is reliable.

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