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WhatsApp Is Working On a New Update to Bring Features for You to Customize Your Messaging Experience

Para que quiere Facebook a WhatsApp

WhatsApp is currently the most popular messaging application out there but the app is still lagging behind when it comes to customization features. Even though there a few things you can do on WhatsApp to customize your experience, there is still more to be done for an even better experience.

This is probably what the company currently had planned when it started working on its latest update that will bring a ton of customization features to the app. The company is working on the next WhatsApp version, which is still in beta, which will bring features such as the ability to strikethrough, bold or italicize text just to ensure your message is well received. These new features are similar to what WhatsApp had for its web client so you may feel right at home if you have used them before. To be able to use these features, do this:

To Bold the Text, add asterisks (*) before and after the text like *TechArena*

For italics, Add underscores (_) before and after such as _TechArena_

To strikethrough a text, Add tildes (~) before and after like ~TechArena~

The new update will also allow you to respond to WhatsApp chats directly from the notification center. This is a lot similar to what your messaging App on Android is able to do. This will make chatting much faster as you do not have to open your app just to reply to messages.

Some other features that WhatsApp will be adding with this update include the ability to select multiple contacts or group chat threads and hold down for more options that include muting, archiving, leaving the group or marking unread. These are just the main features added but there are a ton of others I have not highlighted above.

This version of WhatsApp is still available in beta mode and will be rolling out to all users at a later date. You can still grab the APK for Android here and test out the features for yourself here.

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