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What DataBank is to the Kenyan Market

David Njoroge DataBank Director

Data is very valuable to any company and should always be stored safely. You may store the data on a physical device but this has so many risks that may lead to loss of VERY valuable information. If this happens, you may end up spending thousand if not millions of shillings to recover the lost date.

Instead of storing your data on a physical device, you can choose to back it up on the cloud with the help of a cloud backup solutions provider Since digital data has become a very important part of most businesses, storing this data safely is as important as having it. If you are on the market looking for a company to help you backup your data, then you may want to look at DataBank.

DataBank is a Cloud Backup solutions company that provides safe and convenient backup solutions for businesses. With this, you can easily backup your data from documents, videos, company records over cloud based servers.

Why You Need DataBank Services

If you are still storing your valuable data on your computer or an external storage device, keep in mind that it may crash and you will lose your valuable data. With that in mind, one of the safest ways is to back up the date to the cloud using DataBank solutions. Storing your data with DataBank gives you the peace of mind as you do not have to worry about losing it no matter what happens.

Benefits of DataBank Cloud Backup

Since you have already figured out that you need DataBank as your cloud based backup solutions provider, you need to know some of its benefits. One of the biggest advantages of using this service is that your data is always accessible to you. The files you backup on the cloud can be accessed easily from any place at any time. This makes it much more convenient for you as you are able to get the data whenever you want it.

Just because then data is easily accessible does not mean that it is not safe. With DataBank, you are assured of the accessibility of the data as well as reliability and secure protection. All you need to get going is an internet connection and you are good to backup and restore your valuable data.

Most cloud backup solutions, including those offered by DataBank, tend to be more cost effective than other data storage option out there. Even with the cost effectiveness, you still have access to reliable and premium services that will not put your business at any risk of losing valuable data.

With DataBank cloud backup solutions, you are assured of security of the data you store. All the data you store is encrypted and so no unauthorized persons can access it. The company uses 256 Bit (Advanced Encryption Standard) AES Encryption and an SSL connection with guarantees safety of your data.

Unlike storing your data on a physical device, using DataBank as your cloud based solution offers you much more convenience as the whole process is automated. You do not need to be actively involved in the whole process as it runs on the background to detect any changes in order to back up the most up to date data automatically. This means that you do not have to disrupt your schedule to use the service fully.

Find more about DataBank here

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