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Why Databank Is the Ideal Cloud Backup Solution for Your Business

David Njoroge, DataBank Director

Out of the many cloud backup solution you can get in Kenya, DataBank is one of the best options you can go for. This backup solution is ideal for any organization that needs to back up and securely protect its data. The service is built to be easy to use as it uses the set-it-and-forget approach, something most other cloud backup solutions don’t offer.

DataBank features

Some of the features that make DataBank the perfect Infrastructure as a Service (Iaas) backup solution for your organization are discussed below:

All backed up data is restorable

DataBank runs a Cyclic Redundancy Check to ensure the data you backup has no errors and is 100% restorable. This means that the data you backup is not corrupted and is as you intended it to be. Most other backup solutions, even some of the well-known international ones, do not offer such a feature and you are not assured of 100% data restore as no error checks are never performed.

Everything is automated

When getting a backup solution, you expect it to fit in into your schedule and how you do things. You don’t want a solution that takes up all your time and reschedules everything in your business. DataBank offers this as it runs in the background to ensure all your data is backed up without your input. This is perfect for large organizations which handle huge volumes of data that change every so often. In such a situation, you do not have the time or manpower to scan through the changes to determine what to back and when. DataBank will do everything for you allowing you to be more productive as you focus on your core business.

On-demand backup and recovery speeds

When looking for a cloud backup solution, you will definitely need something that is flexible and suits your business needs. This means that you should get a service that does not waste your valuable business time. This is exactly what DataBank is offering setting itself apart from other solutions available. DataBank is able to do this since its primary backup servers are hosted locally and thus you are able to get

Guaranteed data security

If security is not guaranteed by your backup solutions provider, then you are not getting a fair deal. DataBank fortunately guarantees safety of any data you backup through it. All the files you backup are encrypted with 256 Bit (Advanced Encryption Standard) AES Encryption. With this feature, you do not have to worry about unauthorized individual going through your sensitive business data. On top of this, the data is transferred through an SSL connection for enhanced data security.

To reduce the risk of malicious activity, DataBank allows you to limit restores to certain IP addresses, computers and locations.

No software or hardware costs

With DataBank cloud backup solution you do not have to worry about software and hardware costs when you are subscribing. All that is required for you is to choose the plan you want and you are ready to go. No other investment costs are needed for you to be able to get your backup process going.

Supports all platforms

DataBank virtually supports all the major operating systems and platforms out there. Platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac-OS are all supported giving you the flexibility of working with your preferred platform without changing anything. On top of these platform, DataBank has plug-ins that integrates on MySQL, MSSQL, Virtual Environments, Oracle and MS Exchange.

Regular reports

Since DataBank offers automatic backup solutions, you need to know everything that is happening behind the scenes. DataBank allows you to track your progress through reports and notifications on the performance and progress of your backups. In case of a successful backup or if you have any errors, DataBank will send you a notification to your email.

Integration with Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service

DataBank is integrated with Microsoft’s Volume Shadow Copy Service allowing you to back up open files and live databases. This means that your operations are not interrupted as your backups can be done anytime. This gives you the peace of mind to focus on the main business without any interruptions.

Find more about DataBank here http://databank.co.ke

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