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Twitter Officially Introduces Its New Timeline That Pulls Puts the Best Tweets First


Twitter officially introduced its new timeline yesterday. We had heard that the company planned to roll out this controversial feature that will put the best tweets first. It is quite strange for Twitter to roll it out given that its CEO denied that is was working on such a feature a few days ago. With the CEO denying this, no one expected this feature anytime soon.

Well, it looks like the CEO may have duped us as the feature has been rolled out already. This new feature gives Twitter a Facebook-like look and this is what angered most people who wanted Twitter to stay as it is.

The feature is available to those who use the Twitter app and will provide users with the tweets the algorithm thinks they will be interested in.

“We’ve already seen that people who use this new feature tend to Retweet and Tweet more, creating more live commentary and conversations, which is great for everyone. To check it out now, just go into the timeline section of your settings and choose ‘Show me the best Tweets first’. We’ll be listening to your feedback and making it even better over time. Then we’ll be turning on the feature for you in coming weeks — look out for a notification in your timeline. “, the company said.

Not the default timeline

The good news is that Twitter is not forcing this new timeline to users. This is what had made some users angry as they thought that they will not be able to enjoy Twitter as they had before when the new timeline rolls out. For those who opt-in, you will have the option of getting your normal timeline back by refreshing your tweets when on the new timeline. This will bring back all your tweets in chronological order.

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