Samsung introduces Flow, replicating Apple’s Continuity.

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Samsung has long been accused of copying Apple’s strategies especially in regards to the design language that their devices have. The aluminium band that is now becoming the signature of most of their new devices is said to be inspired from the design aesthetics of the previous Apple devices, especially the iPhone 5/5S. Moreover, Samsung just announced a Galaxy S5 Plus a few weeks back, immediately after Apple announced their iPhone 6 Plus. Therefore, it does not take a genius to note that indeed there are some elements of copying, or is it inspiration?

Despite all this, Samsung has of late been struggling through a rough patch whereby its revenues are quickly dwindling in the wake of reduced demand for its devices. It seems that Samsung devices are losing the verve and flair that drove people into purchasing them in the glory days. However, Samsung is still the largest smartphone manufacturer, with its sales eclipsing Sony, HTC, Motorola, Huawei and even our beloved Tecno, all combined.

Nonetheless, Samsung is said to be restructuring so that it may brace itself better for the tough days ahead. As part of this, it has unveiled a new service dubbed Flow, which is expected to facilitate connection between all the linked devices. These include a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, and even smart TV. This service has already been likened to Apple’s Continuity and Hand-off. However, while Apple’s Hand-off is based on the iCloud, Flow is native and built into the device. As such, selecting it brings up a list of all the devices connected to Flow. When you select one of these devices, whatever you are doing is automatically transferred to the selected device. In addition, you have the ability to save a document or any other project you are working on and pick it up from another connected device at specified time. The most important feature of Apple’s Continuity, the ability to take calls from any of the connected devices, has also been bundled into Flow.

Flow is not yet available, but its sure promises to be effective at efficiently managing Samsung’s smart devices given that Samsung has a wider range of home devices than most manufacturers. Hopefully, it will be among the features that help Samsung regain its footing in the turbulent waters of the technology industry.

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